Top 2018 Industrial Mining & Precious Metal Website Designs

Here we go with another round of our Top 2015 Website Designs. This edition is specifically focused on the mining and precious metal industry. As it turns out, only a handful of companies in this industry are investing the time into making sure their online presence looks up-to-date. These companies collectively specialize in mining precious metals… Read more »

Top 10 Legal Firm Website Designs of 2018

This blog post is the kickoff edition to our Top 10 Website Designs of 2017 Series. The ‘Inspiration’ folder in our Bookmarks has grown to a ridiculous size, so what better way to clear it out than share it with our readers. Take a look and see how these innovative and creative legal firms are kicking off… Read more »

Top 10 Website Designs of 2018: Health & Medical Edition

This Top 10 Website Designs of 2015 edition is a mixture of websites designed for plastic surgeons, medical conferences, health insurance companies, and more. Most of the designs in our top 10 are responsive (as all websites from this day and beyond should be), however, we did select a few that were not, solely based on… Read more »

Top Website Designs of 2018: Industrial & Manufacturing Edition

After reviewing hundreds of international industrial and manufacturing companies’ websites, we noticed that very few are taking a digital-driven approach to marketing themselves. Many websites that we came across looked like they came out of Microsoft Front Page 95. A tiny fraction of them had a responsive or dedicated mobile experience. This was very surprising,… Read more »

Top 2018 IT and Technology Website Designs

For many an average Joe, the terms “IT” or “tech consultant” send a flash alert through the brain and body. Warning: You are about to enter into territory that is way over your head. Ironically enough, consulting firms are there to guide you through that unknown territory and advise you on how to maneuver around… Read more »

Top 2018 Food Service Website Designs

Design is an important factor in all aspects of our lives – many we don’t even realize. But, there may be no more greater opportunity to pull consumers in through good design than in the foodservice industry. Videos of sizzling bacon, pictures of gourmet meals and decorated desserts not only make consumers’ mouths water, but… Read more »

Top 2018 Fitness Website Designs

Lean muscles. Shredded abs. Toned thighs. Healthy eats. From food blogs to fitness gurus, the advice on how to build a better body and a healthier lifestyle is easy to find on the web. A quick Google search and you can get any info you want – just stay away from Web MD (kidding!). The… Read more »

Top 2018 Nonprofit Website Designs

Nonprofit organizations are all around us helping the world move and progress without us even realizing it at times. Many of us have given our money or time volunteering at organizations that inspire us. They build roots in our communities and our world, dealing in everything from climate change to blood. We picked the following… Read more »

Websites That Have Done Video Backgrounds Right

Websites That Have Done Video Backgrounds Right Videos are tremendous storytellers. A successful video background will pull your visitors into your site immediately, providing them with a ton of information in a very short amount of time. Looped video backgrounds can tell your visitors about your company, your product, your brand and your customers (or… Read more »

5 Excellent Examples of Mobile Web Design: Best Practices for 2017

Your Audience is on the Move. You Need to Catch up. In our increasingly mobile world, everyone and everything is constantly connected, often through thin, light, palm-sized devices. Thanks to incessant mobile innovations, your target audience members (along with everyone else) are on the move. If you want their eyes on your site, then it… Read more »

Single- or Multi-Page Website: Which Design is More Effective?

Single-page web design has been increasing in popularity recently. I’m not sure where this love affair started, whether it’s due to the popularity of scrolling sites like Facebook and Twitter or to people simply wanting to try something new. A writer myself, I applaud thinking outside of the box to come up with creative alternatives… Read more »

More Than Design: Where Templates Miss the Mark

I’m not going to tell you that you shouldn’t use a website template. Wait….did you just double check which site you’re on? Yes, we are a web design and marketing firm. And yes, we hope to get as much business through our door as possible. That being said, we use these articles as our way… Read more »

Custom Web Design Vs Website Templates: Which Is Right For Me?

The question of whether a business or organization should choose a custom web design versus a website template is a very common one. The truth is, most entities would benefit from either one, since both options each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, there is no clear “yes” or “no” answer. There is only… Read more »

Great Examples of Mobile Web Design: Emirates

We take to the skies with Emirates Airlines for our next entry in great examples of mobile web design. Through intuitive UX for passengers on the run and luxury branding, the Middle Eastern carrier seamlessly projects its elegance onto the digital realm. Get there. Faster. User experience for smartphone users already predicts the average passenger’s immediate needs: Booking… Read more »

Great Examples of Responsive Web Design: Kraken Rum

It may be a strain on the stomach and liver for some, but Kraken Spiced Rum is easy on the eyes and mind as one of the many great examples of responsive web design for a business regarding its online presence. Blending stunning, throught-provoking imagery with an embedded YouTube video on a dark canvas, the Caribbean… Read more »

An Introduction to Responsive and Mobile First Web Design

To the average web surfer, mobile first web design may be an afterthought as to how convenient their user experience was while browsing a mobile-friendly website. But to the web development community, it is a crucial technical strategy for hurdling past the new industry standard of responsive web design. The ultimate goal for the mobile first… Read more »

5 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Manufacturing Website

Imagine that your company is an automotive supplier that is scheduled for a B2B meeting with a major automaker – one that can close millions in revenue. Let’s call them the Hord Motor Company. Arriving on the dot in the A.M., you and your best dealmakers are sent from a waiting area into one of… Read more »

Best Website Designs of 2015: Restaurant Edition

One component of successfully marketing a restaurant is having a nice website. Since it’s 2015, it’s time for restaurant owners to think outside of the box and start utilizing their online presence as more than just an online menu.