How To Find Blog Topics

Somewhere out there right now are prospects who need your help. Producing and promoting the right content at the right time may be the difference between their success and failure. You want to help, but how do you find the topics most relevant to them? How do you know what’s most relevant — most urgent… Read more »

SEO, Backlinks and Fake News: What 2016 Taught us About the Internet

The numerous memes poking fun at how awful 2016 was are funny enough to draw a comradery-driven smile from anyone. “I know what you mean. We’re all in this together.” Taking a humor break with SNL skits and Onion articles satirizing our current state of affairs, it almost feels like we can laugh our way… Read more »

How do I Pick the Right SEO Keywords?

The process of choosing the right SEO keywords can be viewed as a puzzle or matching game more so than a thing of art. Sure, truly successful keywords – those ones that camouflage naturally into the surrounding text to everyone but Google – need some creativity peppered in there. But, just because you are a… Read more »

What is SEO and How do I Improve it?

Google it! Two small words. One big idea. Google is a noun that became so synonymous with information in our society that it turned into a colloquial verb. Add the pronoun “it,” and you’re left with a phrase that can lead you to just about every answer to any question you’ve ever had. Actors in… Read more »

How Our Local SEO Services Can Help Your Business

Recently, our company joined Yext as a Certified Partner company to expand our offerings for local SEO services. Though our Yext partnership, we are able to now provide brick and mortar businesses with a managed option for their local SEO efforts. One of the most important factors in local SEO rankings is a business’ online citations,… Read more »

The shift of mobile search from search engines to apps

The pervasive nature of mobile phones has revolutionized the way we search for information, especially when it comes to finding a business. It is estimated that nearly 160 million people own smartphones in the United States, which translates into a 67% market penetration – a statistic that no business owner should ignore. As the smartphone… Read more »