Web Accessibility – What You Need to Know

When we’re building and designing websites, web developers and UX designers often think about providing the best experience possible to their users. We make sure the colors are right, the information is correct, and the website is easy to navigate. But how many developers and designers are thinking about accessibility? What is web accessibility? Web… Read more »

Does Your Company Need A New Website? Here Are Your Options

Your website is the bridge between your business and customers. Sure, people can find you on Google or see your Facebook ad, but people generally solidify their first impressions based on the design, content, and user experience on your website. It makes sense that people rationalize this way. Your website is the place for people… Read more »

[Infographic]: A Guide to Picking the Right Web Designer

Picking the right web design firm in our digital age can be tricky because not only are there tons of options to choose from, but there are several avenues through which to find them. Whether you hear about a firm through word of mouth, a Google search or an online add, you need to do… Read more »

Things to Consider Before Working With a Web Design Firm

You’ll Need to Hand Over Some of Your Passwords We all hold our pass codes dear. Inventions like password keepers have blown up in recent years to help us manage the hundreds of login usernames and associated combinations we need to unlock our most sensitive information. Even if we think the combo of our childhood… Read more »

How Much Time Should it Take to Design and Build a Website?

How Much Time is Too Much Time to Design a Website? Inevitably, one of the first questions you are going to ask your web designer, other than, “How much is this going to cost me?” is “How long is this going to take?” The answer to this question will vary depending on things like your… Read more »

Should You Hire a Web Designer or a Web Design Company?

If you search for a “web designer” on Google, there are literally hundreds of web design companies in the southeastern Michigan area alone. Dozens are clustered in parts of downtown Detroit, Ferndale, Troy, and Royal Oak (for you non-Michiganders, these places are known as ‘trendier’ areas). At first glance, all of these entities seem to be… Read more »

Reasons Why Your Web Designer Went MIA

We’ve heard horror stories of all kinds from our clients who have had bad experiences with web design “companies”. Their stories usually resemble one of the following: “I asked my web designer to make some changes for me two weeks ago and he’s still not done yet.” “My web designer said that he was going to do (insert complexity functionality… Read more »

A Better Alternative To Commercial WordPress Themes

Commercial WordPress themes can be convenient, especially if you’re trying to save a few bucks. WordPress is a very well-known CMS, and with the lower cost and effort required to get a decent website up and running, why not use one of those WordPress themes off of Themeforest? The answer: because it could do more harm than… Read more »

Harness the Power of Local SEO to Get More Customers

When looking for a business that suits their needs, chances are that potential customers aren’t looking for places in another state. This is where the beauty of local SEO comes in. Through GPS-backed search algorithms, nearby customers can pull up your business location and general info on an app in their phone. Or they can… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Website?

FREE!* *But it depends on what you’re looking for in a website! Here are some general price ranges we came up with. But before you make a website, evaluate why you are creating a website, who your audience is, and what kind of web presence you want to generate as a direct result of your site…. Read more »

5 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Manufacturing Website

Imagine that your company is an automotive supplier that is scheduled for a B2B meeting with a major automaker – one that can close millions in revenue. Let’s call them the Hord Motor Company. Arriving on the dot in the A.M., you and your best dealmakers are sent from a waiting area into one of… Read more »

Should I Build My Own Website Or Hire Someone?

Here’s a common question that many business owners ask themselves: Should I build my own website or hire an agency to do it for me? Before I go into writing this blog post, here’s a full disclaimer: I am currently a Project Manager and also founding partner for a web design and development company. I… Read more »