Lacking the Resources or Know-How to Build a High-Performance Website?

With Verde Media, your site will become an extension of your business, reaching into the online world and pulling in more visitors, more leads, more sales.

We see a successful website as an investment so we’ll produce a custom design that not only looks great, but actually works to grow your business, paying itself off in the meantime.

From there, we’ll help you define your target audience and place your site in front of those most likely to convert. When they land on your page, they’ll already be a few steps into the buyer’s journey, making your job a little easier.

What’s included with every custom site build (no added fees):

  • Dedicated project manager with weekly updates
  • Copyediting and content installation
  • Responsive design & development
  • Content management system for easy updating
  • Speed optimization
  • Google Analytics & conversion tracking setup
  • Bing & Google Webmaster Tools configuration
  • On-site SEO & markup
  • Website Training Videos (if needed)
  • 30 Day Warranty on all items in the scope of work

After new site launches, our often customers see*:

  • Increases in organic search traffic
  • Better quality sales leads
  • Higher engagement
  • Increases in eCommerce revenue
  • Stronger competitive differentiation
  • Faster loading times

We evaluate new projects on a case-by-case basis to see if there are opportunities to leverage a new website and positively impact these variables. Read our case studies to see what we’ve done for other businesses or reach out to us today to see if you are a good fit.

How We Eliminate Scope Creep & Inflated Budgets

Each of our design projects is unique to you, but our core process stays the same. Because all of our sites are built from scratch using no pre-purchased themes, the build process typically takes longer and is more integrated than the cheaper, slower, and less-secure alternatives.

Building a website that doesn’t just look pretty, but also solves real business problems, requires a great deal of planning and strategy. With that being said, by considering to work with our agency, you should expect a different kind of experience after reaching out to us.

Our onboarding process is outlined below:

Our Four-Step Onboarding Process

1. Initial Consultation (Complimentary)

During the initial consultation call, our goal is to get to know your business. We will ask you questions to better understand the needs (and wants) of your website design and development project. Such questions may include inquiries about where you’re currently at in your business, how you’re using your current website (if you have one), and what you expect out of the new website.

2. One Hour Deep Dive (Complimentary)

If the needs of your website are more complex, such as building a large eCommerce store, integrating your website with other systems via APIs, or if your website needs UI/UX strategy to ensure your users get to where they need to go easily (often the case with redesigns), we will then set up another complimentary deep dive meeting.

This is where we will thoroughly review you Scope of Work and ask detailed questions about the exact technical requirements that are needed. We will assume nothing and make sure every detail is covered.

3. Deeper Dive (Optional – Paid)

If you have a detailed Scope of Work, Technical Requirements document, or Request for Proposal, we can usually skip this stage. A detailed Scope of Work will allow our team to jump straight to budget planning and timelines.

If you don’t have any of the above prepared, a Deeper Drive phase may be needed.  This phase may span across multiple interactions based on the complexity of the project. The goal of the Deeper Drive meetings is to eliminate ambiguity and derive specific, technical features and objectives that need to be designed or built out. Missing details in the planning phase is the number one reason why website development projects take longer than planned and go over budget.

During these meetings, you should expect at least a digital strategist, web developer, UI/UX designer, copywriter, or all of the above, to join in.

4. Project Planning & Milestone Setting (No Charge)

Once we have a definitive list of the technical features needed to achieve the business goals of your website, our team will work to break up your project into smaller, deliverable-based milestones with weekly check-ins throughout the duration of the project.

Approaching your project in this manner will help us stay agile just in case changes need to be made in the middle of the project and will help you increase your business cashflow while reducing risk by making smaller payments over a period of time, only due when we have successfully executed our milestones.

Ready to get started on a new project? Fill out the form on this page or schedule a consultation with a project manager today.

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