About National Telemetry Association

The National Telemetry Association is the nation’s only online telemetry certification platform, boasting over 10,000 certified students since its inception in 2011. The National Telemetry Association, based out of Garden City Michigan, is a subsidiary of the Phlebotomy Career Training Center, and is owned and operated by Nancy Kimmel, PhD.


How We Fixed These Problems

  • Poor website usability, outdated interface
  • Low conversion percentage and confusing onboarding process
  • Low traffic & revenue


How We Fixed These Problems

Problem #1: Poor website usability, outdated appearance

  • Rebuilt the entire website custom, responsive design
  • Integrated a more user-friendly membership and eLearning platform
  • Streamlined the checkout process by creating a step-by-step purchase funnel

Problem #2: Low conversion percentage and confusing onboarding process

  • Incorporated an online student preparation module as a value-added digital product
  • Increased the pricing of the exams and recertifications to boost the perceived value
  • Suggested the addition of two more packages

Problem #3: Low traffic & revenue

  • Re-architected the website’s pages to serve as organic landing pages for the NTA’s target keyword groups
  • Executed an ongoing inbound marketing campaign which included regular blogging, lead nurturing, and e-mail marketing.
  • Revamped Google AdWords strategy by removing irrelevant keywords and optimizing the paid landing pages for conversion


The Results

The National Telemetry Association experienced the following after eight months:

  • 275% faster load times – By removing the old pre-built WordPress theme and building a leaner site, we were able to decease the site load time from 4.02 seconds to 1.75 seconds.
  • 260% increase in average monthly traffic – attributed to the ongoing inbound marketing campaign and improved informational architecture of the website
  • 20x increase in sales – attributed to the more trustworthy brand presentation, improved checkout and onboarding process, and targeted traffic generation strategy