Website Maintenance & Support - When You Need It

What is your retainer support plan all about?

Our retainer support plan allows you to purchase dedicated support hours up-front at a discounted rate versus our standard hourly rate of $175/hour. We currently have a minimum purchase amount of 25 hours.

  • 25-hour pack – $4,000 ($160/hour)
  • 50-hour pack – $7,500 ($150/hour)
  • 100-hour pack – $12,500 ($125/hour)
  • 150-hour pack – $17,250 ($115/hour)
  • 200-hour pack – $20,000 ($100/hour)

What types of support do you provide under the retainer support plans?

  • Core software & plugin updates – Updates to your CMS, including core software updates and plugin updates
  • Performance optimization – Redesign, redevelopment, or rearchitecture of your site’s plugins or themes to attain faster loading times and better performance scores.
  • UI design – Delegate any new page design or UI projects to our award-winning team of designers.
  • Custom web development – Extend your current site past its current capabilities by partnering with our experienced front-end and back-end development team.
  • Troubleshooting & bug fixing – Swiftly address critical issues and bugs with your website, including downtime, website errors, plugin issues, and more.
  • Strategy & architecture – Planning a new project? Our retainer-based support programs also give you access to our strategy team to help you engineer any technical or design-related web development projects you have in your queue.

Frequently-Asked Questions

1. Are there any long-term contracts required?

No. Our retainer-based website support plans do not require any long-term contracts. Purchase a pre-set pack of hours up-front and use them at your own pace. When they run out, you have the choice to renew.

2. Can I use this service for more than one website?

Yes, if you have a family of websites or brands under your portfolio you can purchase a single retainer-based support plan, given that there are enough hours in your package to support all of your websites.

3. What content management systems do you support?

Currently are supporting WordPress, WebFlow and Shopify.

4. How do you track how hours are used?

Once you become a retainer-based support plan member, you’ll be given access to a dedicated dashboard to track your tickets and hours. Every time a support request is completed, we’ll deduct the hours from your retainer. We round all tickets up to the nearest 0.25 hours.

5. How long will it take for your team to respond?

Our team typically responds within 2-3 hours of a ticket being submitted. Completion times will vary based on the nature of the request.

6. How many hours can I buy?

We have a minimum purchase amount of 25 hours, which is billed at a discounted hourly rate. Additional hourly discounts are available if you choose to purchase a 50-hour, 75-hour, 100 hour, 150 hour, or 200-hour plan.

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