About CTC Technologies

CTC Technologies in an IT consulting and technology services firm based out of Dexter, Michigan. CTC Technologies differentiates itself from other business IT services companies by serving large corporations and enterprises that have highly complex needs from their IT infrastructure.

CTC Technologies approached us to assist them with creating a more modern brand. In addition, CTC Technologies wanted to solidify their stance as thought leaders in complex IT solutions like software-defined wide area networking, data center storage, virtualization, and BYOD/MDM.


Why CTC Technologies Approached Us

  • Incomplete website with lack of calls-to-action
  • Little-to-no content to engage IT professionals
  • Not enough marketing qualified leads


How We Solved These Problems

Problem #1: Incomplete website with lack of calls-to-action

  • Redesigned, reorganized, and rewrote the entire website consisting of over 25 pages
  • A/B tested key landing pages on the site post-launch to increase lead conversions
  • Lowered the page load time from 4.52 seconds to 1.01 seconds


Problem #2: Little-to-no content to engage IT professionals

  • Implemented a strategic content marketing plan over a period of 12 months consisting of a mixture of blogs, whitepapers, case studies, and IT services landing pages
  • Wrote, designed, and published over 15 downloadable whitepapers and business case studies
  • Composed over 30 high-level IT articles ranging in topics from SD-WAN to enterprise network security to enterprise Cisco infrastructures


Problem #3: Not enough marketing qualified leads

  • Integrated a downloadable lead module to export and segment key personas into an e-mail marketing platform
  • Implemented and managed a Live Chat widget to capture leads while they were browsing the website
  • Created a lead nurturing workflow to keep the CTC brand top-of-mind during the shopping and evaluation stages
  • Implemented closed-loop marketing to track all leads, traffic, phone calls, and LiveChats.


The Results of our Efforts


  • Over 600 marketing qualified leads generated – By creating targeted content and promoting it through organic search, we helped CTC Technologies generate over 600 leads consisting of IT professionals from across the globe
  • 500% increase in average monthly traffic – By consistent article publishing and strategic keyword planning with our ongoing content marketing campaigns, we were able to 5x CTCTechnologies.com traffic in 12 months

Ranked over 30 high CPC keywords organically – Through a thoughtful linkbuilding and content promotion campaign we were able to rank CTC’s content for dozens of keywords in the $50+ per click range.