The Verde Way

We're Doers. Learners. Creators.

Whether we're hanging with our dogs in the office, conducting meetings or plugged-in to our computers, we're crafting creative ways to tackle whatever is on the day's agenda.

Hardworking and passionate, we're also a laid back group, knowing that truly innovative ideas thrive in an environment where people enjoy what they do.

That's us. There's no micromanaging at Verde Media because there doesn't need to be. Team members are chosen because they fit the culture, have top-notch industry skills and work best when their ideas have room to grow.

Together, we form a dedicated creative force focused on upholding the “no-surprises, keep-our-word” business philosophy that has driven hundreds of companies to work with us.

As for our name, well “Verde” translates to “green” in Spanish. While this color represents many things, for us it symbolizes renewal, growth and prosperity for our clients.

  • A Small, Tight-Knit Team of Communicators
  • Producing Big Results With Focused, Transparent Strategies
  • For Businesses Looking for Something That Isn't Just Good. It's Great.

Verde Media

The Brains Behind Our Operations

Meet Our Leadership Team

Michael Shaw

Michael Shaw

Web Development Manager

Ipek Born

Ipek Born

Digital Marketing Manager

Jon Teodoro

Jon Teodoro

Solutions Engineer