Is Your Business Ready For Inbound Digital Marketing?

Do you want to increase traffic and leads online, but don’t know how to do it? If so, inbound digital marketing may be your answer. Inbound marketing draws customers IN toward your brand, without you having to go door-to-door or cold call them.

As powerful as it may be, inbound marketing results don’t happen overnight. This process takes execution, consistency, and patience to pull off, but once your customer trickle turns into a full-blown downpour, you’ll truly see its value.

Inbound Digital Marketing Works Best For Demand Fulfillment

Businesses that are best-suited for inbound digital marketing are those that need to fulfill existing demand. In other words, if your business is in a market where there is a large number of people who are already searching for your specific product or service, there’s a high likelihood of success with this type of digital marketing.

Examples of demand fulfillment type businesses:

  • Auto repair
  • Commercial cleaning
  • Doctors, dentists, and surgeons
  • Education & eLearning
  • Fitness
  • HVAC – Plumbing, electrical, heating & cooling
  • IT networking and security
  • Lawyers
  • Real estate
  • Roofing, construction, and home improvement

Plumbing systems break. People get into trouble and/or get sick. Technology isn’t perfect. In these verticals, there will always be someone searching for what these businesses have to offer.

Want to know how many people are searching for your business on a monthly basis? Click here for a free consultation.

Our Approach to Inbound Digital Marketing

People often call us and question the ‘mysterious’ nature of digital marketing. It’s easy to get caught up in the acronyms, analytics, and other industry jargon. That’s why we take a fundamental approach.

Our digital marketing strategies are centered around optimizing three primary business metrics: your cost per acquisition (how much are you willing to pay to acquire one customer), customer lifetime value (how much is one customer worth to you as long as they stay a customer), and revenue goal (how much do want to increase sales in a given period of time).

Don’t have these metrics handy? No worries, if you schedule a consult, we can help you calculate them.

After we get the math out of the way then we’ll suggest the right mix of digital channels and tactics needed to help you hit your revenue goals at or below your target cost per acquisition.

Channels & Tactics Where We Have a Proven Track Record

  • SEO, content marketing, and reputation management on the local and organic search channels
  • A/B Testing and search ads optimization on the paid search (PPC) channels
  • Content marketing, lead ads, and video advertising on the social media channels
  • Marketing automation and direct response marketing on the email channels

Every campaign we execute is different. No two strategies are alike because every business has their own unique goals. That’s why we don’t offer pre-packaged marketing plans. We also don’t work with our clients’ direct competitors.

If our data-driven, no-nonsense business approach to digital marketing sounds like a good fit for your business, reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation or click here to read our marketing case studies.

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