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Top Website Designs of 2018: Industrial & Manufacturing Edition

February 14, 2018 | Jon Teodoro

After reviewing hundreds of international industrial and manufacturing companies’ websites, we noticed that very few are taking a digital-driven approach to marketing themselves. Many websites that we came across looked like they came out of Microsoft Front Page 95. A tiny fraction of them had a responsive or dedicated mobile experience. This was very surprising, considering the fact that it is 2018.

Here are the top eight industrial and manufacturing website designs that caught our team’s eye.

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1 OF 8: Knuckles Industries

What we like about it: Full page, full-width parallax design with vintage quality photos. Simply content architecture.

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2 OF 8: Schneider Electric

What we like about it: Clean and simple landing page which allows the visitor to choose where they need to go.

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3 OF 8: Kaber Technology

What we like about it: High-quality, professionally edited video backgrounds and full-sized photos and renderings with short, concise copy.

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4 OF 8: Betchel Rail

What we like about it: Great use of video to tell the story of the company. Professional quality and editing.

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5 OF 8: Thomas Industrial Coatings

What we like about it: Full screen layout with a simple home page. Easy navigation and responsive design.

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6 OF 8: Homeyer Tool

What we like about it: Nice color choice of contrasting the red logo with neutral white and grey tones. Great utilization of geometric shapes, straight edges and sans-serif fonts to communicate a modern brand.

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7 OF 8: Acieta

What we like about it: Great utilization of black, red and yellow contrasting colors which flows with the product design. This website is also responsive.

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8 OF 8: Rethink Robotics

What we like about it: The video says it all.

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