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Top 10 Website Designs of 2018: Health & Medical Edition

February 20, 2018 | Jon Teodoro

This Top 10 Website Designs of 2015 edition is a mixture of websites designed for plastic surgeons, medical conferences, health insurance companies, and more. Most of the designs in our top 10 are responsive (as all websites from this day and beyond should be), however, we did select a few that were not, solely based on aesthetic critera.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or are looking to redesign your health and medical website in 2015, these next 10 websites should help you get your creative juices flowing.


1.  Trask Industries (visit website)

What we like: Unique user interface design, creative icons and usage of high quality videography. Great execution of side navigation and responsive design.

1- trask_industries



2. Aesthetic Breast Surgery Centre (visit website)

What we like about it: Big, full width design with custom photographs of staff. Utilization of modern, clean responsive design.




3. Nudge Psychology (visit website)

What we like about it: Colorful design, nice typography combinations and great use of geometric shapes. Unfortunately, this site was one of the non-responsive websites.



[sc name=”healthcta”]

4. RedBrick Health (visit website)

What we like about it: Colorful, vector-based design throughout entire website.




5. PreBiotin Fiber Supplement (visit website)

What we like about it: Great custom product photography usage above the fold with strong call-to-actions and a clean, responsive design.




6. TEDMED (visit website)

What we like about it: Crisp, clear photography and great use of bright colors and backgrounds.




7. One Medical Group (visit website)

What we like about it: Awesome information design with great use of colors, strong-call-toactions and high quality imaging.




8. Medicare Summary (visit website)

What we like about it: Very simple, flat one page design. Interesting, modern presentation of Medicare plans.




9. UPMC Health Plan (visit website)

What we like about it: Excellent information architecture and design. Great use of photos and colors. Responsive design.




10. Mae Plastic Surgery (visit website)

What we like about it: Good use of ‘Mega Menu’ to organize long dropdown lists and great execution of responsive design to compliment the informational architecture of the website.






Do you have your own designs to contribute? If so, list them below!