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Websites That Have Done Video Backgrounds Right

April 28, 2017 | Jon Teodoro

Websites That Have Done Video Backgrounds Right

Videos are tremendous storytellers.

A successful video background will pull your visitors into your site immediately, providing them with a ton of information in a very short amount of time.

Looped video backgrounds can tell your visitors about your company, your product, your brand and your customers (or whatever other info you wish to share) in a matter of seconds right from your homepage.

Although the technology is here, video backgrounds are still few and far between on the web. After searching around for a bit, we came up with our top five favorite examples of successful background video footage.

Each of these videos sheds light on who the company is, what it provides, how it represents itself and how customers interact with it.

Looking at them, ask yourself how they make you feel, what actions they entice you take and how you could learn from them to implement successful video into your site.

Verde Media’s Choices For Top 5 Sites With Video Background

These are in no particular order. Enjoy.

  1. Digital Kitchen
Digital Kitchen

Digital Kitchen is a creative firm that focuses on content, marketing, advertising, etc. The imagery on the DK site is extremely clean, modern and eye-catching. Scenes flash from sleek car angles to a luchador in an elevator with a bear, Homer Simpson and the smoke exhalation from the red lips above.

This site doesn’t shy away from using a touch of sex appeal and each video frame, though very different, speaks to a brand that relies heavily on imagery.

From the home screen, I deduced that:

  • Digital Kitchen has worked with some big-name companies.
  • DK’s work is going to be showy and cutting-edge.
  • DK’s services may be in a high price range.
  • DK has been around for a bit and has created an online presence and strengthened a particular brand.
  • DK is most likely a large corporation with several locations (most likely in big cities).

This video is successful because it is enticing, aesthetically pleasing and informative yet mysterious. It pulls users into the site if they want to learn more. Our guess is that they likely will because the video appeals strongly to modern society’s appreciation for sleek, fashionable imagery.

  1. Toggl

At Verde Media, we love Toggl so it came immediately to my mind when I sat down to write about successful video backgrounds.

Toggl is a timing and tracking platform that makes it easy for users to keep track of any task they wish. We use it as our work time clock.

The cute background video displays images of children performing different adult office duties while the timer in front counts down. There are children in board rooms and home offices, and one looks particularly stressed while tracking PHP refactoring.

There is very little copy on the page, allowing the video to play the part of sole storyteller.

From the homepage, I deduced that:

  • Toggl is a tracking app that I can use anywhere to time any activity that I choose.
  • I can track home chores, but I can also use it for business – maybe they have a business account for small companies.
  • There are some pricing options.
  • Toggl has a sense of humor and thinks a bit outside the box.
  • Workplaces would be so much more fun with children running the show…

Okay, not so sure about the last one, but I am sure that this video is super cute. Yes, that’s a technical term and in some cases, it’s all that a successful video needs to pull users into a site.

  1. The Q Camera
Q camera

So, you want a new camera, but you’re not sure why you should buy one over the other or what kinds of pictures you want to take once you get it.

The Q Camera website’s video background can help you solve both problems.

The quippy copy on the front page explains the benefits of the Q (why you should buy it) while the video background changes between images of people using the camera in different atmospheres and for different purposes.

From the homepage, I deduced that:

  • The Q camera is lightweight and comes in many colors.
  • You can use it in the pool and in poor lighting.
  • It automatically uploads your pictures to your social media accounts for you.
  • It’s easy-to-use.
  • The price point must be lower than many cameras on the market today judging by their branding and target audience (young, social people).

This video and copy combo is informative, fun and inspirational. It will make you want to throw the Q in your bag and head for the beach.

  1. Giroptic

Giroptic sells a 360 camera that can attach to your phone so that you can take it anywhere.

The homepage video shows people using the camera from action adventures up in the trees to office parties.

One of the main reasons that this background is successful is that it provides the site visitor with actual proof of what the product does, offering a testimonial of sorts in the form of video footage.

From the homepage, I deduced that:

  • The 360 camera is easy-to-use and portable.
  • The camera is backed by several reputable tech sites and magazines.
  • You can use the camera on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You can live stream on the camera to social media sites like Facebook.

Giroptic’s background gives the end user quick and specific evidence of what its product can do, answering who buys it (diverse audience), what it’s used for, where it can be used and how you use it (on your phone or tablet).

There is very little copy on the homepage so the video does most of the talking.

  1. Neapolitan Pizzeria & Birreria
Neapolitan Pizza

Alright, time for some mouthwatering video background. Neapolitan Pizzeria nails this one with its video showing footage of herb chicken, fresh pizza and wood-fire ovens.

Warning: Visitors may salivate.

The imagery in this video not only shows end users what kind of food dishes they can expect should they choose to eat here, but also shows them how the food is prepared.

Using only the highest-quality images, you’re sure to click on contact or food in the top menu to see what that delicious-looking flatbread is named and if there is a location close to you.

From the homepage, I deduced that:

  • Neapolitan has a wood-fired oven where they cook their pizza.
  • They serve dishes besides pizza.
  • They have interesting toppings.
  • They serve alcohol.

Particularly appealing around lunch time, this site is sure to pull you in if you are looking at it on an empty stomach. There are three simple words for copy, “Savor the Goodness,” so this site heavily relies on its food imagery to convince people to give it a shot. This bold move paid off.

Looking to Add a Background Video to Your Website?

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