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Great Examples of Mobile Web Design: Emirates

August 28, 2015 | Jon Teodoro

We take to the skies with Emirates Airlines for our next entry in great examples of mobile web design. Through intuitive UX for passengers on the run and luxury branding, the Middle Eastern carrier seamlessly projects its elegance onto the digital realm.

great examples of mobile web design: emirates airlines

Desktop version

great examples of mobile web design: emirates airlines

Horizontally via iPad

great examples of mobile web design: emirates airlines

Vertically via iPhone

Get there. Faster.

  • User experience for smartphone users already predicts the average passenger’s immediate needs: Booking a flight, managing an existing reservation, online check-in, and flight status. For someone who needs to book a last-second flight to Cairo, there’s no need to wade through the otherwise extensive infrastructure of Emirates’ full website
  • Through a dynamic image slider, Emirates communicates its brand of airborne luxury (that first class bar, though!) with warm images of welcoming crew members, plush seating arrangements, and sweeping nighttime cityscapes of its featured destinations
  • Intuitive mobile web design, navigation, and simplified layouts guide prospective and current passengers through the necessary pre-flight forms and registration with ease
  • Most importantly, Emirates connects its mobile users to the immediate option of downloading its standalone app; an increasingly common digital venture by major airlines, but a key means of getting its passengers on board without a hitch


great examples of mobile web design: emirates airlines


Despite carrying the fourth highest amount of international passengers among its peers in 2014, Emirates Airlines continues to immerse its customers in an airborne experience of uncommon luxury and dedicated service with a nearly immaculate safety record to boot. Backed by the U.A.E. government, it continues to update its fleet with the newest technologies and amenities.

As one such innovative change, mobile web design may be overlooked when portable electronic devices are stowed in favor of one of the most generous entertainment systems in the air. But passengers expect to get to their destination on time, and in a way, Emirates’ mobile presence continues to play a large role in making that a reality.