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Great Examples of Responsive Web Design: Kraken Rum

August 20, 2015 | Jon Teodoro

It may be a strain on the stomach and liver for some, but Kraken Spiced Rum is easy on the eyes and mind as one of the many great examples of responsive web design for a business regarding its online presence.

Blending stunning, throught-provoking imagery with an embedded YouTube video on a dark canvas, the Caribbean rum’s distributor, Proximo Spirits, has developed a gorgeous mobile-friendly website in conjunction multiple agencies with whom it has also launched extensive marketing campaigns to create a brand. Here are some ways Kraken demonstrates why it’s worth it to make your website responsive.

The Digital Faces of Kraken Spiced Rum

examples of responsive web design

Desktop version

examples of responsive web design

Horizontally via iPad

examples of responsive web design

Vertically via iPhone

Thinking BIG by going for “small”

  • User experience is greatly enhanced by a responsive side menu that, when not deployed, is hidden in favor of the content that visitors really want to see (because giant squids are wicked awesome, let’s face it)
  • Nearly every inch of the website in mobile, touchscreen formats features an animation, link, or graphic that not only acts as content, but also directs users to other parts of the site through intuitive navigational imagery
  • The site is as sophisticated in functionality and features as it is in simplicity for the user on a holistic interactive level
  • Integrating a masterfully crafted intro video and original images into a mobile and user-friendly interface makes for a hard-to-forget first impression

While lessons learned from drinking Kraken rum may arise from hugging a toilet or waking up in an unexpected bed, the lessons to be learned from its web presence are as profound as the ocean that its namesake calls home.