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Best Website Designs of 2015: Restaurant Edition

January 20, 2015 | Jon Teodoro

When clients ask us, “What types of businesses rely heavily on marketing?”, our first answer is usually, “Restaurants.”

One component of successfully marketing a restaurant is having a nice website. Since it’s 2015, it’s time for restaurant owners to think outside of the box and start utilizing their online presence as more than just an online menu. It should be an engine to incite hunger. Investing in high quality photography and videography can have huge effects on the physiological processes that increase a person’s apetitite. We’ve seen first hand how promoting food items online can increase a flow of hungry customers, which is why we’ve compiled this list of restaurant website designs that are using digital marketing to get that gherlin flowing (the “hunger hormone”).

1. Neapolian Pizzeria – https://www.nealaguna.com/home

What we like about it: HD video background of food being cooked. Enough said.

1 - neopolitana



2. Big Apple Bagels – https://www.bigapplebagels.com

What we like about it: Bold, simple design and great usage of high quality photography. 

2 - bigapplebagels



3. Bay Street Biergarten – https://baystreetbiergarten.com/

What we like about it: Great font choices, nice “cheers” animation in the beginning. Good example of successfully pulling of dark background/light font in design.

3 - baystreet
[sc name=”restaurantcta”]

4. Huxtaburger – https://www.huxtaburger.com.au/

What we like about it: Simplicity. Bright colors and well composed vector icons.

4 - huxtaburger


5. Yogurt Labs – https://www.yogurtlabs.com/

What we like about it: Nice branding concept. Great explanation on the homepage of how the self-serve yogurt process works.



6. Frankie’s Sports Bar & Diner – https://frankiessportsdiner.com/

What we like about it: High quality photos with parallax. Big, bold design.



7. Lunita – https://lunita.ca/

What we like about it: Full page, high impact photography that instantly gets the user second guessing their appetite.



8. Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken – https://blueribbonfriedchicken.com/

What we like about it: Simple, vintage-ish style. Creative use of fried chicken pictures. Yum.



9. Jim N’ Nick’s BBQ – https://www.jimnnicks.com/

What we like about it: Simple, big design that works well on both desktop and mobile. Nice, easy menu.



10. Fud – https://www.fud.it/

What we like about it: The photography. Simple, high-impact, one page design.

10 - fud