Integrating Facebook & WooCommerce: The Quick Start Guide

Facebook is one of those things that seems like it’ll outlast everything else on the internet. Despite some bumps in the road and some not-so-minor controversies over the years, Facebook is still holding strong with roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users. In addition to seeing what their high school classmates are up to, people are… Read more »

PayPal vs Stripe for WooCommerce: Which One is Better?

Chances are, if you’re building a WooCommerce site, you’ll need it to process customer payments. But how do you choose? There are just so many options! There are plenty of payment processors that you can add to your site, with two of the biggest—and easiest to integrate—being PayPal and Stripe. Here’s what you should know… Read more »

WooCommerce & Point of Sale (POS) Integrations: What You Need To Know

They say the days of brick and mortar shopping are gone, but I disagree. Sure, the average consumer’s shopping habits have certainly changed since the introduction of online shopping, and yes, there are shells of once-bustling shopping malls scattered across the US. The landscape has just changed.  There’s so much coverage of booming online retailers… Read more »

Is WooCommerce Better Than Shopify? An eCommerce Platform Comparison

For those looking to build an eCommerce website, many platforms and options exist to get you up and running quickly. The market is crawling with fantastic options for every budget, that check off just about any box you’re looking for. However, with so many choices to make, it might not take long for decision fatigue… Read more »

The Top 5 Must Have WooCommerce Plugins

WooCommerce is a great plugin for anyone running an ecommerce store through WordPress, but it probably doesn’t have everything you need built right in. Luckily, there are countless plugins and extensions you can add to your shop. We’re not going to make you comb through them all, though! Here are our top five favorites: MonsterInsights… Read more »

Google Ads Lead Form Extensions: What Are They & Are They Effective?

Earlier this year, Google rolled out lead form extensions, and digital marketers around the world rejoiced. They’d been in beta since late 2019, slowly rolling out to select users. Digital marketers are well aware of how difficult it can be to get people to navigate over to a lead generation page, and lead form extensions… Read more »

Google Ads For eCommerce: What You Need To Know

When it comes to running ads, it seems like there are endless possibilities. Billboard? Commercials? Mailers? You think about your customers (or your buyer personas), their habits, and where they are in order to reach them.  An e-commerce business is a little different than the accident attorneys you see on billboards along the highway, though…. Read more »

Expanded Text Ads Are Going Away: What This Means For Your AdWords Account

If there’s one thing AdWords is good at (well, other than driving traffic to your website), it’s  refusing to let us get complacent. Back in March, Google Ads announced that responsive search ads were to become the default. Sure, nobody likes change, but at least we still had our trusty expanded text ads to fall… Read more »

farewell broad match modifier

Farewell, Broad Match Modifier

In the ever-changing world of keywords, we’ve arrived at another shift. This July, broad match modifier bids farewell. It’s been a good run!   Now, all of your modified broad match search terms will migrate over to phrase match. The immediate ramifications don’t seem to be all that big. But it may be that you want… Read more »

Win The Upper Hand with Google Merchant Center

Ecommerce can feel like a game in which the cards are stacked against the little guys while the big guys play with house money. It’s certainly pay-to-play, and each piece of your campaign carries its own cost, from AdWords to Instagram. But Google Merchant Center is that rare place where smaller brands can compete with… Read more »

Google AdWords: Your CRM’s BFF

AdWords is one of the most powerful ways to gain visibility and reach your consumers. It’s a highly effective touchpoint that funnels into multiple channels. But AdWords campaigns also give you incredibly valuable data to use across the breadth of your marketing strategy.  How do you harness this data? By bringing AdWords into your Keap… Read more »

Attribution Modeling: Which Touchpoint is Your Star Player?

In team sports, it’s usually very clear who gets credit for the score: the person who touches the ball last. Not so when it comes to converting consumers. Who’s to say that an Instagram ad viewed by someone weeks ago isn’t more responsible for their purchase than the organic search that later helps them find… Read more »

woocommerce vs magento 2

Migrating To Magento 2.0 vs. Rebuilding on WooCommerce

If you’re one of the many businesses running on Magento, you sit at a crossroads. With support for Magento 1 phasing out this June, it’s time to update your stores so they can stay fully functional and meet the increasing demands of ecommerce. Magento 2.0 carries significant advantages: It’s designed to be more mobile-friendly. It… Read more »

Make AdWords Do The Talking For You

Most brands are fully aware of the power AdWords has to drive traffic. But what they overlook is its adaptability—and their own ability to spend more wisely to lower their cost per conversion. We consistently find ourselves recommending several ways that brands can customize their AdWords experience to get the most out of their budget,… Read more »

Ecommerce Psychology: There’s An Impulse Buyer in All of Us

Ecommerce is an ongoing dialogue with your customers. The psychology of online shopping is not fixed in place. It’s on the move, and everything has been thrown into overdrive by the pandemic. So, the right ecommerce strategy is essentially one that can pivot on a dime—or rather, one that has enough tools to be able… Read more »

Lifetime Fans, Lifetime Value: Building Loyalty Programs For E-Commerce

“Are you a rewards member?” “No, not interested.” For many, that question is a non-starter. There’s a lingering stigma associated with department store credit cards, unwanted mailers, and promotional email blasts jamming up the inbox. And the truth is, lots of brands still use the dangle-the-carrot trick: Customers get 20% off if they open a… Read more »

Web Accessibility – What You Need to Know

When we’re building and designing websites, web developers and UX designers often think about providing the best experience possible to their users. We make sure the colors are right, the information is correct, and the website is easy to navigate. But how many developers and designers are thinking about accessibility? What is web accessibility? Web… Read more »

Implement These Three Tools To Measure & Improve Your Marketing

According to Statista, by 2020 the average person will own an average of 6.58 connected devices. Because your customers have so many ways to reach out to you on a variety of different devices, tracking how they got ahold of you in the first place can be challenging. If you want to make the most… Read more »

Laptop with Cup - Upgrading to WordPress 5.0

Upgrading to WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 came out two months ago, yet some people still have not made the upgrade, many due to fear of breaking their site. In this article, we will discuss the safe way to upgrade your website to WordPress 5.0. Why Upgrade? Keeping all of your software up to date is paramount to keeping your… Read more »

The Real Value in Hiring Someone Else to Do Your Marketing

Over the last twelve months, I lost a good fifteen or so pounds. I invested three to four days in the gym each week, tracking every calorie and pound in MyFitnessPal for almost an entire year straight. But even after a year—and being in the best shape of my entire life—I still wasn’t satisfied. I… Read more »