Implement These Three Tools To Measure & Improve Your Marketing

According to Statista, by 2020 the average person will own an average of 6.58 connected devices. Because your customers have so many ways to reach out to you on a variety of different devices, tracking how they got ahold of you in the first place can be challenging. If you want to make the most… Read more »

Google AdWords: A User Guide Q&A

Internet Marketing: Tips and Advice From an AdWords Pro Looking for help with messy marketing campaigns? If you have trouble orchestrating or implementing a comprehensive advertising plan, you wouldn’t be alone. Recognizing that this is a common problem for many of our clients, I sat down with Verde Media Founder and Digital Strategist Jon Teodoro… Read more »

Behind the Screens: Top Frustrations Your Web Designers Face

We’ve Got 99 Problems… Okay, we may not have as many problems as Jay Z, but we do have our frustrations. Now, we’re not going to sit across from you at a meeting and list off the pain points of your project, and rightfully so. After all, you’re the customer. If frustrations arise, they should… Read more »

Helpful Software Hints for Small Business Owners

Calling all small business owners! How is your workload going? If it seems a little tough, we understand. Although we’ve grown in the last couple of years, we started out as just a small business ourselves, and we work with mom-and-pop type owners all the time. The good news here is that we have experience… Read more »

Why Web Analytics For Small Business Is Crucial

According to Cisco, by the end of this year there will be over a zettabye of data flowing through the web. To put things in perspective, a zettabye is equivalent to one trillion gigabytes, or half a trillion free Dropbox accounts. That’s a lot of data. If your business has a website then you are… Read more »

A Crash Course: How to Make Your Website Responsive

Before Michael Bay and Megan Fox jumped into the mix, the Transformers universe regularly broke the laws of science by morphing everyday vehicles into disproportionately enormous, flying robots. Using the magic of CGI, the recent live-action movies now strive for Transformers designs that are functionally plausible – unlike a sizable chunk of their plots. When it comes to taking… Read more »

What Does It Take to Make a Website Responsive?

Before arriving at the assumption that you have to be an Internet wizard to make a website responsive, look over our list of what is needed to achieve the mobile-friendliness that is more attainable than you might think. The Responsive Web Design Toolkit: Mobile First Web Design There’s upgrading a desktop-only website template and slapping… Read more »

Google Implements Mobile-Friendly Label

At the beginning of last week, Google announced that they would be adding a “mobile-friendly” label to the search results. This year, mobile searches are on track to exceed desktop searches, therefore, catering to the mobile demographic is important for providing a great user experience. Google recognizes this, and I believe that the implementation of the… Read more »

Five Ways To Optimize Your Google Analytics Data

Google Analytics can be overwhelming. The wide variety of dimensions and metrics available in Google Analytics yields a seemingly endless combination of ways to interpret your data. It’s tempting to just dive right in and start analyzing away but reader beware! Your conclusions will only be as good as the context you originally set forth prior… Read more »

What Is Semalt In Google Analytics?

If you regularly analyze your Google Analytics reports, you have probably seen referral traffic from a source named Semalt. This source traffic shows up on 95% of our clients’ Google Analytics reports and when reviewing their monthly reports, we get asked, “What the heck is Semalt?!”. This blog post aims to answer that question and… Read more »