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Submitting articles or blogs for client review

June 15, 2018 | Jon Teodoro

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Below is the process for submitting content to clients for review inside of Monday.com

  • • Upload the Microsoft Word version of the file in .docx format and then tag the client

If the client responds with feedback:

  • • Acknowledge their position. If you agree with the feedback, make the changes. If not, it is OK to push back and suggest your approach. However, make sure you support it with data or another example
  • • Let the client know that you are aiming to do no more than two revisions to make sure we stay on schedule
  • • After the article’s content is done, publish the article on the client’s website. Then provide the link to the live article in Monday.com
  • • After the article is published on the client’s website, distribute it on their social media outlets or schedule it into their social media calendar.
  • • If applicable, include the content piece in any other campaigns (example: e-mail)

If the client does not respond at all:

  • • If the client does not respond within one business day, tag the client one more time requesting feedback
  • • If the client does not respond within two business days after, automatically publish the piece, then tag the client and link them to the published version.
  • • Follow steps 4 & 5 above
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