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Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

August 12, 2014 | Jon Teodoro

Blogging is recognized as one of the best advertising mediums for small businesses. Blogs hold immense potential for attracting and holding visitor attention to your website and the products/ services you are offering. Small businesses, especially, can gain attention, visibility, and credibility by using blogs to engage with their customers. Blogs offer a lot of flexibility at virtually no cost.

1. You Can Engage With Your Customers

Blog helps you to engage with both your existing and potential customers. Not only does your company blog offer you an opportunity to communicate the strengths and benefits of your products and services to the readers, but it also gives them a platform to offer you their feedback and their comments. Such feedback is gold for businesses, especially if your clientele is still in its growing stages. Identifying their problems early on will help you align your products or services better to the demand, which in turn improves customer satisfaction.

The best part is, blogs are an informal and a no-pressure tool in that you write in a conversational tone. This further helps to improve communication with clients.

2. It Can Be A Powerful SEO Tool

Blogging is a great tool for SEO. Add all the right keywords to your blog and see the results for yourself. Blogs which offer interesting information can increase the ranking of the website in search engines, provided that you publish regularly and consistently. Updating your blog daily or weekly helps search engines to recognize that your website has fresh content to offer rather than spun-off articles. Not to mention, reader comments (and you response to them) on your blog also serve an SEO purpose.

3. Draw in the Right Kind of Customers To Your Business

Blogs help your business to catch the attention of the right kind of internet visitors that will ultimately become your customers. Your helps you gain visibility as a thought leader and establish yourself as an authority on a particular subject. Therefore, people who will be drawn to your blog will be the ones who are genuinely interested in product/services you are offering. Posting engaging and interesting information in your blog draws people to your company, which allows you to create a loyal fan following.

To sum up, blogging is one of the best ways to market your small business. It helps you gain attention, create a following, boost your SEO, and ultimately position you as a market leader whom people want to do business with.

Question to our readers: As a business owner, how often do you blog?