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Detroit-Based Verde Media Launches Platform to Help Small Businesses Grow Online

August 5, 2019 |

Verde Media, a digital marketing and website design firm, has traditionally focused on serving the online marketing and design needs of B2B and larger B2C and non-profit organizations. But the vision shifted slightly after Jon Teodoro, the founder of Metro Detroit-based Verde Media, relocated to Ferndale, Michigan.

In Ferndale, Teodoro noticed all of the city’s locally-owned brick-and-mortar businesses and mom-and-pop shops – the types of small businesses that are the lifeblood of the American economy. He was dismayed to see that when small businesses owners looked for internet marketing services, they were often offered subpar solutions and fed misinformation. His experience with Ferndale entrepreneurs inspired Teodoro to create a platform that makes digital marketing services more accessible to and affordable for small businesses.

Verde Media had worked with a host of high-level clients, including professional athletes and national corporations. Now, Teodoro wanted to take the marketing experience and expertise gained with such clients and put that knowledge to work for small business owners.

The result of Teodoro’s vision is a new business venture now offered by Verde Media: Local 360. Local 360 is an all-in-one marketing platform designed to help small businesses grow online through channels like online search engines and search media. Through Local 360, Verde Media is sharing industry insights and making the strategies and tactics of a traditional digital agency available to small enterprises.

To create Local 360, the Verde Media team evaluated almost a decade of data from marketing campaigns they managed for a variety of companies. From this data, the team singled out the top ten most impactful and influential marketing activities that businesses need to be doing daily. Then, Verde Media packaged those services up into four easy, affordable options.

Small business owners are intrigued by the Local 360 business model because this platform allows them to afford a professionally designed website and an effective marketing plan. They do not have to pay tens of thousands of dollars upfront like they usually would at a traditional marketing agency. With the power of Local 360, business owners can build trust with potential customers, increase business visibility, and see marketing campaigns in action. Local businesses have unique needs when it comes to marketing their business online and driving traffic to their website. Local 360 by Verde Media has every tactic covered in a single solution.

Verde Media is a web design and inbound digital marketing firm that specializes in building and promoting fully customized, mobile-friendly websites, web applications, and eCommerce stores. The mission is to create great experiences for clients and their customers by providing excellent service and building beautiful websites. Verde Media’s digital services include full-service web design, web development, search engine marketing, and responsive web development.


For more information about Local 360, visit the website at www.local-360.com. To learn more about Verde Media’s digital marketing services, go to https://verdemedia.com. The team can be contacted by email at hello@verdemedia.com or by phone at 1 (586) 806-6693.