Attribution Modeling: Which Touchpoint is Your Star Player?

In team sports, it’s usually very clear who gets credit for the score: the person who touches the ball last. Not so when it comes to converting consumers. Who’s to say that an Instagram ad viewed by someone weeks ago isn’t more responsible for their purchase than the organic search that later helps them find… Read more »

woocommerce vs magento 2

Migrating To Magento 2.0 vs. Rebuilding on WooCommerce

If you’re one of the many businesses running on Magento, you sit at a crossroads. With support for Magento 1 phasing out this June, it’s time to update your stores so they can stay fully functional and meet the increasing demands of ecommerce. Magento 2.0 carries significant advantages: It’s designed to be more mobile-friendly. It… Read more »

Ecommerce Psychology: There’s An Impulse Buyer in All of Us

Ecommerce is an ongoing dialogue with your customers. The psychology of online shopping is not fixed in place. It’s on the move, and everything has been thrown into overdrive by the pandemic. So, the right ecommerce strategy is essentially one that can pivot on a dime—or rather, one that has enough tools to be able… Read more »

Lifetime Fans, Lifetime Value: Building Loyalty Programs For E-Commerce

“Are you a rewards member?” “No, not interested.” For many, that question is a non-starter. There’s a lingering stigma associated with department store credit cards, unwanted mailers, and promotional email blasts jamming up the inbox. And the truth is, lots of brands still use the dangle-the-carrot trick: Customers get 20% off if they open a… Read more »