Write Outstanding Business Website Content

Grading the quality of your business website’s content can be more difficult than judging a high-stakes boxing match. It’s an intersection where the avenues of marketing savvy, web optimization, and writing can come together as an exceedingly efficient conduit for heavy (viewer) traffic or gridlock at an ugly construction site that everyone drives around. Implementing… Read more »

Three Things to Ask Your Future Web Designer

If you personally have the digital tech savvy to craft a website for your business that not only draws a large audience, but also draws the right audience, the infrastructure for success is already within reach. But that’s easier said than done. Your future web designer may not be you. Punctuated by Google’s increasingly strict… Read more »

Verde Media Tours The Russell Industrial Center

Although we love our cozy office out here in the metro Detroit suburbs, we could only dream about having a wide-open space with floor-to-ceiling windows within the bounds of the actual city of Detroit that didn’t require each one of our team members to sell an organ. Today, we found that dream place. It was inside of the Russell… Read more »

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

Blogging is recognized as one of the best advertising mediums for small businesses. Blogs hold immense potential for attracting and holding visitor attention to your website and the products/ services you are offering. Small businesses, especially, can gain attention, visibility, and credibility by using blogs to engage with their customers. Blogs offer a lot of… Read more »

Content Marketing For Small Businesses: Three Great Examples

What the heck is content marketing?! Content marketing for small businesses is a hot topic in the online marketing world. So what exactly is content marketing? Content marketing is defined as the following: “Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined… Read more »

What is iBeacon and how is it relevant to my business?

There has been some buzz lately about how iBeacons or similar proximity-based technologies could affect the shopping experience for both consumers and businesses. Despite this, only a small percentage of SMB owners actually know what an iBeacon is. What is iBeacon? iBeacon is an Apple technology that utilizes location-based information to deliver a unique experience… Read more »