Content Marketing for Small Businesses: Three Great Examples

Size doesn’t matter. It’s true – just ask anyone in the content marketing field. This new-ish form of marketing that is currently sweeping the industry as a business owner’s most crucial tool is equally beneficial for large and small businesses alike. Content marketing is different from other selling tools because it is readily available to… Read more »

What Is Content Marketing & Why Is It Important?

Content marketing, SEO, Google analytics. These keywords have taken the place of billboards, yellow pages and word-of-mouth. For someone new to the Internet world of marketing, the modern vocabulary and ideas that people bounce around are dense and often a little intimidating. That’s where we come in. At Verde Media, we can help small and… Read more »

How To Write Content For A Website

When you’re in the early stages of building a new website for your business, many of us jump the gun and start looking for website design inspirations right off the bat. That’s why its so easy to overlook another very important part of your website: the content. Writing quality content that persuades your customers to buy your product or… Read more »

How We Use Blogging To Get New Business (And How You Can, Too)

Everyone’s talking about blogging and content nowadays. In terms of small or local businesses, however, it can be hard them to view blogging as a way to attract new customers. At first, we had a hard time making the connection ourselves. We thought, “how the heck will a blog help us grow our business?” But after a few months… Read more »

Turn Your Web Traffic into Foot Traffic

For social media personalities, it’s a numerical ego boost; and for online journalists, it’s measurable exposure; but for walk-in businesses, serious web traffic can mean new customers, increased foot traffic, and revenue. Before companies plan for large reception areas with outdated magazines and a poorly maintained aquarium, however, they need the right kind of web traffic… Read more »

How We Tripled Our Website’s Traffic in 8 Months

I hated writing in high school. The same applied to reading. Not because I wasn’t capable of doing either of them, but I just didn’t have the desire to. When it came to turning in papers for my AP English courses, my work was always subpar because I simply didn’t care for what I was… Read more »

It’s Time to Revamp Manufacturing Marketing Strategy

Call it efficient, indispensable, and inventive; today’s manufacturing industry is in a constant state of self-innovation. Digitally, however, it is falling behind; the web presence of its companies continue to lag in a trend that does not reflect the ingenuity that has been at its core. And while they are positioned to advance their businesses,… Read more »

The 8 Rules of Writing KICKASS Business Blogs

 RULE #1: Do not talk about your business Potential buyers already have access to much of the consumer information they need from sources like top marketing blogs. When writing a business blog, consider that educated consumers don’t want to hear self-promotions that they’ve heard before; they want to be guided with helpful, selfless content that… Read more »

Attract Blog Traffic for Your Business

Want to attract blog traffic when you write for your business? Google’s parameters for ranking search results – particularly its indexing “spiders” – don’t care at all about how well a business blogger writes; they care whether the blog itself is formatted to attract traffic. Considering that they are anchored to computerized algorithms rather than… Read more »

Social Media Video Marketing: Reel in Manufacturing Traffic

For manufacturers, successfully marketing existing videos through social media isn’t exactly as easy as sharing the latest Taylor Swift makeup promo video with a Facebook Group. It’s true: The landing wheel assembly of a Cessna does not have the B2C marketing allure we may see with anything that screams pop culture. But using social media… Read more »