About Phlebotomy Career Training

For more than a decade, Phlebotomy Career Training has offered students classroom and online medical training in a variety of specializations. Providing a broad curriculum of courses that are in-depth and informative as well as flexible and affordable, Phlebotomy Career Training continues to prepare students for rewarding new careers in medicine in an accredited and fully certified educational setting.


Why Phlebotomy Career Training Approached Us

  1. Bolster their online presence with a more reliable site that prioritized user experience
  2. Improve their e-commerce conversion rate
  3. Increase website traffic


How We Solved These Problems

Problem #1: Bolster their online presence with a more reliable site that prioritized user experience

  1. Produced a new website on the WordPress platform that stressed usability while offering mobile users a responsive (device-adaptive) design and decreasing load times

Problem #2: Improve their e-commerce conversion rate

  1. Reviewed third-party online shopping vendors and credit card processors
  2. Tested various checkout flows as well as related click counts, website copy, and images
  3. Implemented A/B testing to determine user-preferred methods and features when buying courses

Problem #3: Increase website traffic

  1. Launched a Facebook remarketing campaign designed to drive traffic to the website
  2. Developed articles and other copy to establish Phlebotomy Career Training’s website as a “must bookmark” for current, future, and prospective students


The Results of Our Efforts

  1. Facebook advertising strategically targeted to Phlebotomy Career Training personas delivered a return on ad spend (ROAS) of more than $9.
  2. The school’s e-commerce revenue growth over a recent three-month period reached 83%.
  3. The school’s e-commerce conversion rate increased by 30%.