About MIDCOM Data Technologies

MIDCOM Data Technologies Inc. is a Farmington Hills, MI based company that provides sales,
service, and support to warehouses, fulfillment centers, food processing plants, and logistics
businesses in the United States and Canada that rely on thermal barcode printers and
handheld barcode scanners. MIDCOM also focuses on servicing businesses that utilize dot
matrix printers, line printers, and large commercial printers as part of their business


Why MIDCOM Data Technologies Approached Us

MIDCOM Data Technologies Inc. reached out to us to increase the amount of sales
opportunities in their pipeline by implementing a better Google AdWords strategy. Specifically, MIDCOM Data Technologies was experiencing the following issues:

  • High cost per lead, leading to a very high ad spend required to hit their business goals
  • Low conversion rates in their paid campaigns and on their landing pages
  • High rate of disapproved ads due to Google AdWords Terms of Service


How We Solved These Problems

In order to lower the cost per conversion (already profitable) to an even lower amount, we
executed the following strategies.

  • Created exact match keyword campaigns. The existing account structure utilized a
    nice mix of exact match, modified broad match, and phrase match keywords. The
    AdWords account had over 10 years of data in it, so we extracted all of the highest converting, lowest cost keywords and formed campaigns that only included exact
    match keywords. We discovered that when people have problems with their
    equipment, the variations of the search terms were all very close to each other (i.e.
    “Zebra printer not printing”) and noticed a large concentration of conversions coming
    from a small subset of search terms.
  • Rebuilt all of their landing pages, one by one. The Google algorithm that is responsiblefor approving/disapproving ads were constantly disapproving ads that were previously approved. This is due to the fact that Google AdWords prohibits the promotion of support for third-party technology. Therefore, we rebuilt all of the landing pages in their campaigns (over 30) to incorporate more verbiage about the sales side of the business with only brief mentions about their support (80% sales, 20% support). This methodology allowed MIDCOM to increase the reach of their ads in previous
    campaigns where the ads were disapproved.


The Results of Our Efforts

  • Increased quality in leads – By implementing a full tracking multi-channel tracking solution including call tracking and recording, we were able to help MIDCOM zero in on campaigns and keywords that were driving sales qualified opportunities.
  • 40% decrease in cost per qualified lead. We were able to drop the cost per qualified ead down by 40%, allowing MIDCOM to gain significantly more leads and increased gross profits.
  • 90% approval rate of ad campaigns. Prior to Verde Media taking over, the ad approval rate was under 30%.