About BMH Material Handling

BMH Equipment LLC (“BMH”), formerly known as The Cavanaugh Company, is headquartered in Washington, DC and acquires and operates material handling equipment dealerships throughout the Midwest, Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. BMH is one of the fastest growing companies in the material handling space, having grown 732% year-over-year in 2022. The company’s product lines span pallet rack, shelving, conveyors, mezzanines and forklifts and enable manufacturers, distributors and logistics providers to get what they need where they need it in the most efficient manner possible.


Why BMH Material Handling Approached Us

In an antiquated industry, BMH Material Handling strived to bring the next generation of commerce in the B2B warehousing and logistics by making it easier to purchase everything you need to build a warehousing and logistics center entirely online. Despite this, they did not have a strong digital presence and their eCommerce store was not producing a significant amount of sales. They specifically needed help with:

  1. Generating more online sales through their eCommerce store
  2. Building a full-funnel marketing plan to appeal to the longer buying cycle in B2B
  3. Building a stronger geo-targeted organic presence to serve specific markets


How We Solved Their Problems

  • Implemented a multi-channel Google Shopping campaign – We assisted BMH Material Handling in setting up their entire Google Merchant Center account and helped them optimize their shopping feed for maximum visibility. After running standard shopping campaigns for a few months, we transitioned their account to the new Performance Max ad format
  • Launched a content marketing campaign – To help with their SEO efforts, we took on the content creation initiatives for BMH Material Handling and helped them create technical resources for warehouse managers who are looking to evaluate key warehouse and logistics products as well as articles on how to build microsystems within a warehouse.
  • Executed an authority-building campaign – By taking over BMH Material Handling’s social media, handling their linkbuilding and outreach, and geo-targeting their SEO efforts to key markets they were serving, we were able to augment our content marketing campaigns to drive great results for BMH Material Handling.


The Results of Our Efforts

  • 900% increase in online sales – By implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy, were able to achieve our primary objective of increasing BMH Material Handling’s eCommerce sales by 900% (9X)
  • 150% increase in leads – Our organic and paid campaigns enabled BMH Material Handling to gain an additional 150% in lead volume for offline orders and inquiries about services