About WaterWork Plumbing

WaterWork Plumbing is a Ferndale, MI based residential and commercial plumbing services provider. Since its inception in 2006, WaterWork Plumbing has served thousands of homeowners, business owners, landlords, and property managers in the metro Detroit area.

The WaterWork brand prides itself on its high ratings and customer satisfaction. The company’s reputation is reflected in their excellent HomeAdvisor, Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List ratings. WaterWork Plumbing is also heavily involved in community events. Especially in the Ferndale area.

Despite having such a great reputation and long-standing history, WaterWork plumbing’s founder, David Greylen, had an itch for expansion. Greylen had the desire to not only improve the presentation of his online brand, but also create more brand awareness in the metro Detroit area as a whole.


Why WaterWork Plumbing Approached Us

  • Poor website usability, outdated appearance
  • Google AdWords campaign cost-per-lead was too high
  • Low website traffic and poor organic search visibility


How We Fixed These Problems

Problem #1: Poor website usability, outdated appearance


  • After running a UX audit, we discovered numerous problems with their existing website
  • The mobile presentation of the website did not fit the screen properly
  • The color scheme in the original design (bright blue, bright red, and white) had it difficult to read the content
  • To remedy these issues, we designed a custom website that incorporating strong branding cues while keeping the site’s focus clear and easy: make it easy for people to book/request appointments

Problem #2: Google AdWords campaign cost-per-lead was too high

  • A discovery audit gave light to the fact that AdWords Express was being used, and therefore no ad or keyword optimization had been done
  • After calculating the cost-per-lead, it was determined that the active AdWords campaign was unprofitable
  • To help improve profitability, we moved the campaign to a regular AdWords account, built dedicated landing pages and invested 3 to 4 months optimizing the account

Problem #3: Low website traffic and poor organic search visibility

  • The website’s architecture and code base was not conducive to being easily discovered for people looking for plumbing services in specific cities
  • There was a very low volume of traffic coming into the website in the first place
  • To remedy this, we executed an ongoing inbound marketing campaign that incorporated content marketing, SEO, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing into one cohesive strategy


The Results of our Solutions

WaterWork Plumbing experienced the following after ten months after their website redesign launch and six months after the launch of their inbound campaign:


  • Increased the amount of time spent on page by 200%
  • Google AdWords cost per lead cut down by 75%
  • Over 40 competitive keywords ranking on page one
  • Increased the inbound traffic to the website by 300% in six months
  • Built a self-sustaining email marketing list that continues to grow in size by 20% each month