About Impressive

Impressive Basements and Impressive Ceilings & Floors is an Oak Park, MI based company that sells hard-to-find ceiling tiles, flooring, and acoustical wall panels to local contractors for residential and commercial jobs. In addition, the company also offers full basement remodeling and finishing services, direct-to-homeowner.


Why Impressive Approached Us

The Impressive family of companies main problem was centered around the abnormally high cost per lead through their Google AdWords campaigns. The previous company who was managing their AdWords account assured them that it was the “industry standard” to pay tripe digit dollars per lead, especially for basement remodeling leads. However, considering the fact that they were only converting 1 in 5 leads into a paying customer, their advertising spend was eating into a huge part of their profit margins.


How We Solved These Problems

In order to alleviate these high cost per conversion issues, we implemented the following strategies: 

  • Restructured the entire account, using the S.K.A.G methodology (Single Keyword Ad Groups). On the product supply side (ceiling tiles and flooring) they client was unknowingly in the negative by paying $400 per lead for transactions that often were only generated a few hundred dollars in revenue. We broke down every major type of tile and floor (i.e. “2×2 ceiling tiles”, “white ceiling tiles”, “tin ceiling tiles”, “commercial VCT flooring”) and broke them up into their own ad groups with highly targeted ads and only one root keyword in each ad group. 
  • Implemented brand new landing pages using Unbounce. The pre-existing landing pages for the campaign were directing visitors to the home page of the website, which was extremely outdated. We were contracted to also to build a new website, but during construction of the new site we needed a better destination to send people to that allowed for higher conversion. We constructed over a dozen landing pages in Unbounce with strong calls-to-action and eliminated all distractions with the sole focus to get people to either (A) call to get a quote or (B) fill out a form to request a call back for pricing.
  • Implemented a competitor campaign. For the basements side of the business, there were incumbent companies that were taking a big share of the market that had invested lots of money into billboards, radio ads, and TV ads. To attract their competitor traffic, we created a separate campaign in AdWords where we bid on their competitor’s brand terms in an effort to capture leads of people that were interested in getting their basement redone. We positioned the ad copy to play on the strengths of Impressive Basements, which were “a finished basement in 14 days” – something that the competition could not and did not offer.


The Results of Our Efforts

The Impressive family of companies experienced the following results after our optimization and landing page campaigns: 

  • Decreased cost per lead by over $300 . We were able to drop the cost per lead down from their previous triple digit cost per lead by over $300, allowing the Impressive family of companies to achieve almost triple the amount of conversions in two months for five figures less advertising spend.
  • Improved lead visibility. We helped the company implement better tracking by implementing tracking templates which allowed the client to get a better idea of which keywords, ad groups, and campaigns were responsible for not only driving leads, but also sales. We also helped implement call tracking through CallRail with call recording to increase the transparency of the sales operations and how salespeople were handling inbound calls.