Drive Brand Affinity with Social Media Engagement

The marketing concept of brand affinity probably won’t be the first thing to come to mind regarding college. Especially at Michigan State University, foggy weekend nights, roller coaster football victories, and caffeine-addled study marathons are among the experiences that alumni (author included) will warmly remember with pride for their alma mater (read: brand affinity). For… Read more »

Social Media Video Marketing: Reel in Manufacturing Traffic

For manufacturers, successfully marketing existing videos through social media isn’t exactly as easy as sharing the latest Taylor Swift makeup promo video with a Facebook Group. It’s true: The landing wheel assembly of a Cessna does not have the B2C marketing allure we may see with anything that screams pop culture. But using social media… Read more »

How Beers, Balls, and Photographs Optimized the Social Media of a Rec League

Tagging someone at the Greater Lansing Sports and Social Club can mean plenty of things on the field of battle; like nailing a dodgeball opponent with a wicked sidearm or picking off a base runner in kickball. But in GLSSC’s social media realm, a tag takes on new meaning. Stationing dedicated photographers at every game,… Read more »