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Marketing Budget Template for Small Businesses

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Marketing Advice From One Little Guy to Another Working with various-sized companies, our Verde Media team has extensive experience planning marketing projects that deal with a range of budgets. Typically, the bigger the company, the […]

The Many Hats of a Modern Marketer

Starw hats for sale, hanging on a wall

What is a Marketer? The answer to that question is not cut and dry. In the Mad Men days of advertising, there were several people, each responsible for a different job duty, occupying the office. […]

Why Does Content Marketing Matter So Much?

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It’s not an exaggeration to say that every successful business, no matter how big or small, utilizes some form of content marketing. You should be, too. If you aren’t familiar with content marketing, it is […]

Why is Everyone Blogging? (Including Us!)

three reasons why your business needs to blog

Everyone and his dog have a blog. Literally, there are dog blogs. So, what’s the deal? Are all of these people really trying to get picked up for a book deal, or is there something […]

Helpful Software Hints for Small Business Owners

Beautiful young cafe owner proud of her small business standing smiling in the doorway of her coffee shop

Calling all small business owners! How is your workload going? If it seems a little tough, we understand. Although we’ve grown in the last couple of years, we started out as just a small business […]

[Infographic]: A Guide to Picking the Right Web Designer

Vintage Typewriter

Picking the right web design firm in our digital age can be tricky because not only are there tons of options to choose from, but there are several avenues through which to find them. Whether […]

Things to Consider Before Working With a Web Design Firm

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You’ll Need to Hand Over Some of Your Passwords We all hold our pass codes dear. Inventions like password keepers have blown up in recent years to help us manage the hundreds of login usernames […]